Video: How Australia Humiliated American Samoa 31-0 In World Cup Qualifier Match


In a historic international football match, Australia achieved an unprecedented victory by overpowering American Samoa with an astonishing scoreline of 31-0. The momentous game took place on April 11, 2001, serving as a qualifying match for the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup.

Prior to the match, Australia held the 75th spot in the world rankings, while American Samoa occupied the lowest rank at 203rd.

The match began with American Samoa putting up a valiant defence, successfully fending off the Australian onslaught for the initial 10 minutes. However, the momentum shifted when Con Boutsianis of Australia found the back of the net, leading to a barrage of goals. Australian forward Archie Thompson made an extraordinary contribution by scoring a record-breaking 13 goals, setting a new benchmark for the most goals scored in an international match.

Notably, David Zdrilic also exhibited exceptional performance, securing eight goals, while Boutsianis netted three times. Moreover, three additional Australian players each contributed two goals, with substitute Fausto De Amicis adding one to the tally. This game was marked by a significant mismatch, with the Australian men's soccer team not even fielding several players from their starting line-up.

Witness the highlights of this remarkable match here:

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