Antony vs Cody Gakpo: Which Profile Suits Manchester United More?

 Gakpo and Antony would both be wonderful additions, but the club's budget would not allow for their simultaneous signing. Ten Hag has a special bond with Antony because he once served as his coach, and Fabrizio claims Antony is pushing for a transfer after failing to show up for training and expressing he wants to skip Ajax's upcoming game.

Although Antony is the top priority and the offer on the table is 80 million euros, close communication is kept with Gakpo in case Ajax persisted in their refusal to sell Antony. To identify the player who would be the best fit for Manchester United, it appears that the club's scouts and analysts will have to put in extra effort. Antony is a captivating character with all the flare in the world.

Overall, Gakpo has 45 goals and 37 assists in 141 games for PSV, while Antony has 24 goals and 22 assists in 82 appearances for Ajax. Both of these statistics show a high degree of attacking output, with Gakpo outperforming Antony. With 0.88 key passes and 3 crosses per game as opposed to Gakpo's 0.7 key passes and 1.36 crosses, Antony has greater inventiveness than Gakpo. In addition, he outperforms Gakpo in pass accuracy (82.3% vs. 77.2%). Although Antony is well renowned for his dribbling, he only attempts 4.4 dribbles each game and completes 59% of them overall as opposed to Gakpo, who attempts 6 dribbles per game and completes 65% of them.

At such a young age, both of these players have the world at their feet, and being pursued by a team like Manchester United is no small accomplishment. The winger who is eventually signed, though, will depend more on who best fits United's system than on who is a superior player. Ronaldo left United in 2009 as a right winger, improved his left winger skills, and then came back to United as a striker. Despite this, United lacks a reliable right winger. Sancho was meant to be the answer to their issues, but it became clear from his performances for club and country that the Englishman is more at home on the left wing.

It appears preferable to sign Antony, a pure right winger, rather than Gakpo, another left winger. Gakpo's statistics favor him, but Antony isn't far enough behind to warrant not following a system.

Sancho would move to the left if Antony joins, giving Rashford the option to recreate himself as a striker, a position he excelled in when he initially entered the game. The ideal outcome for all sides will be achieved if Rashford can improve his finishing and aerial skills, especially because Ronaldo's departure from England seems more likely to happen.

Practically speaking, it would make sense to let Rashford leave for a sizable fee now that PSG has rekindled their interest in him. However, if Rashford can recapture his form from two seasons ago, he is untouchable, and every Old Trafford supporter wants to see Rashford succeed at the club.

On the other hand, signing Gakpo will force Sancho out of his preferred left wing position and onto the right, where he currently lacks complete confidence. In the unlikely event that the signing does not pan out, Manchester United will have both of their wings even weaker than they already are. However, Gakpo will be the obvious choice if Ajax reject Antony's sale. Rashford will once more aim for the starting striker position as a result of this, but Sancho will have the right flank to himself.

Gakpo is outstanding, but United's left wing is the remaining attacking area that requires work. Given the lack of options for the Red Devils, it only makes sense if Ten Hag has a plan for developing Gakpo into a specialized striker. But keeping everything in mind, it is safe to argue that Manchester United would be better off signing Antony if he were looking for a winger. He will cost more than Gakpo, but the English sleeping giants must be and are prepared to pay that price.

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