4 Players That Have Created 100 or More Chances in The EPL Since Data Was First Recorded in 2010/11

 According to Squawka, Over the years, the Premier League has witnessed some exceptional talents who have consistently created scoring opportunities for their teams. Since data recording began in the 2010/11 season, only four players have surpassed the remarkable milestone of creating 100 or more "big chances."

1. Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne has been a driving force for Manchester City since his arrival in 2015, consistently showcasing his extraordinary playmaking abilities. As per Squawka's data, De Bruyne stands at the pinnacle with a staggering 163 "big chances" created. Known for his vision, passing range, and creativity, De Bruyne has time and again unlocked defenses with his precise through balls and incisive crosses.

2. David Silva

David Silva's impact on Manchester City has been immeasurable during his illustrious career. With 118 "big chances" to his credit, he is rightly hailed as one of the Premier League's most influential creative midfielders. Silva's intricate footwork, quick thinking, and ability to split defenses have routinely put City in goal-scoring positions. His innate understanding of the game and ability to read play have made him a formidable chance creator.

3. Riyad Mahrez

Since his move to Leicester City in 2014, and later to Manchester City, Riyad Mahrez has consistently exhibited his flair for creating opportunities for his teammates. A tally of 102 "big chances" solidifies his reputation as an astute playmaker. Mahrez's exceptional ball control, quick dribbling, and precise passing have often left opposition defenders bewildered. His contributions to Manchester City's attacking prowess have been invaluable.

4. Mohamed Salah

Adding a new name to this illustrious list is Liverpool's Mohamed Salah. With a recent milestone of 100 "big chances" created, Salah has proven himself to be a complete attacker, excelling not only in scoring but also in providing scoring opportunities for his teammates. His electrifying pace, intelligent movement off the ball, and clinical decision-making have made him a nightmare for defenders. Salah's ability to create chances from the wings has been instrumental in Liverpool's recent successes.

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