Victor Osimhen Surprises Young Fan with N2.5m Gift for Emulating His Style

 Nigerian football sensation Victor Osimhen has bestowed a generous gift of N2.5 million upon a young fan who admirably replicated his football style, according to Punch.

The recipient of Osimhen's benevolence, a young boy sporting a mask resembling the footballer, gained widespread attention after a video of his impressive skills circulated on social media, thanks to popular Instagram blogger Tunde Ednut.

Moved by the video, Osimhen expressed his desire to locate the aspiring athlete, enlisting the help of Ednut and content creator Eriq Morak. Through their collaborative efforts, the boy was identified in Ivory Coast, much to the surprise of many who assumed he was Nigerian.

Providing an update on the heartwarming pursuit, Ednut shared, "I initially thought this little man was Nigerian. You won’t believe we found him in Ivory Coast. #eriqmorak found him. He lives in Ivory Coast. I couldn’t see his message, so he reached out to #ogb recently_ and OGB messaged me. I spoke to the family briefly to make sure it was the boy."

Grateful for Osimhen's gesture, the boy's family expressed their appreciation in a heartfelt video message, thanking the football star for his generosity and kindness

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